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Evangelicalism in America

저자: Randall Herbert Balmer
출판사: Waco, Texas : Baylor University Press, [2016] ©2016
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Evangelicalism has left its indelible mark on American history, politics, and culture. It is also true that currents of American populism and politics have shaped the nature and character of evangelicalism. This story of evangelicalism in America is thus riddled with paradox. Despite the fact that evangelicals, perhaps more than any other religious group, have benefited from the First Amendment and the separation of  더 읽기…
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추가적인 물리적 형식: Online version:
Balmer, Randall Herbert.
Evangelicalism in America.
Waco : Baylor University Press, 2016
(DLC) 2016008560
문서 유형 도서
모든 저자 / 참여자: Randall Herbert Balmer
ISBN: 9781481305976 1481305972
OCLC 번호: 940342186
설명: xv, 199 pages ; 23 cm
내용: An altogether conservative spirit : the First Amendment, political stability, and evangelical vitality --
Turning west : American evangelicalism and the Restorationist tradition --
Casting aside the ballast of history and tradition : Protestants and the Bible in the nineteenth century --
An end to unjust inequality in the world : the radical tradition of progressive evangelicalism --
The kingdom come : the argot of apocalypticism in American culture --
A Pentecost of politics : evangelicals and public discourse --
A loftier position : American evangelicalism and the ideal of femininity --
Re-create the nation : the religious right and the abortion myth --
His own received him not : Jimmy Carter, the Religious Right, and the 1980 presidential election --
Keep the faith and go the distance : Promise Keepers, feminism, and the world of sports --
Dead stones : the future of American Protestantism.
책임: Randall Balmer.


Chronicles the history of evangelicalism - its origins and development as well as its diversity and contradictions. Within this lineage Balmer explores the social varieties and political implications  더 읽기…
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As a self-acknowledged sympathizer with classical Evangelicalism, Balmer laments its fading into a mere shadow of its founding idealism. His choice of final essay indicates that he holds little hope 더 읽기…

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