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Intercultural theology : intercultural hermeneutics

저자: Henning Wrogemann
출판사: Downers Grove : IVP Academic / InterVarsity Press, 2016-
시리즈: Missiological engagements.
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Renowned missiologist Henning Wrogemann has written the most comprehensive textbook on the subject of Christianity and culture today. In three volumes his Intercultural Theology provides an  더 읽기…

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장르/형태: Electronic books
추가적인 물리적 형식: Print version:
Wrogemann, Henning.
Intercultural theology.
Downers Grove : InterVarsity Press, 2016-
(DLC) 2016039585
자료 유형: 문서, 인터넷 자료
문서 유형 인터넷 자원, 컴퓨터 파일
모든 저자 / 참여자: Henning Wrogemann
ISBN: 0830873090 9780830873098
OCLC 번호: 957656505
설명: 1 online resource
내용: Cover; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication Page; Contents; Preface to the English Edition (2016); Preface to the German Edition (2011); Part I: Intercultural Theology: What Does This Mean?; 1 The Gospel of Life in the Midst of Cultures: An African Case Study; How Pastor Mastai Drives Out Evil Spirits in His Congregation in Dar es Salaam; An Observer Asks Critical Questions from a European Perspective; How Pastor Mastai Experiences Germany: Reciprocal Questions from an African Perspective; On the Relevance of the Subject of Intercultural Theology/Mission Studies. 2 Intercultural Theology: A Primer Intercultural Theology: Theological Conceptions from the Third World? ; Intercultural Theology: Ecumenism in Full, Please, Not Just in Part! ; Intercultural Theology: A New Technical Term, Its Potential, and Its Limitations ; Intercultural Theology or Mission Studies? ; The Objective and Basic Layout of This Book ; Part II: Intercultural Hermeneutics and the Concept of Culture ; 3 Intercultural Hermeneutics: Introduction ; Hermeneutics and the Theory of Signs (Semiotics) ; How Are Semiotic Codes "Discovered"? ; Diagnostic and Investigative Reading. What Does It Mean to "Understand"? A Primer 4 The History of Hermeneutics in the West and Interculturality: An Overview ; From the Early Church to the Philosophy of the Enlightenment ; Analogical Hermeneutics: The Example of Ernst Troeltsch ; Existential Hermeneutics: The Example of Rudolf Bultmann ; Effective-Historical Hermeneutics: The Example of Hans-Georg Gadamer ; Cultural-Semiotic Hermeneutics: The Example of Clifford Geertz ; Ideology-Critical Cultural Hermeneutics: Roland Barthes, the Comaroffs, and Erving Goffman ; 5 Globalization and Interculturality: Is "Foreignness" Dying Out? What Is the "Locus" of Foreignness? The Construction of Stereotypes and an "Intentional" Foreignness ; Drawing Up Intercultural Borders: An Example from the Colonial Period ; European Civilization and the Islamic World: The Battle for Rationality ; The British Empire and "Indirect Rule" in India: The Power of Science; Foreignness, Intercultural Hermeneutics, and Discourse Theory; 6 Is Inculturation Permissible? Concerning Symbolic Forms and Their Use; The Example of Christian Ashrams in India; Religious Symbols and Their Interreligious Application. My Symbol, Your Symbol: The Dispute About the Legitimacy of InculturationThe Use of Religious Symbols by the Media in the Discourse on Identity and Exclusion ; Which Culture? The Criticism of Christian Ashrams by Dalit Christians ; Jesus as a Master of Meditation, or as a Dalit? Arvind Nirmal ; 7 On Scientific Discourses and Power: What Is Culture? ; The Diffusionist Concept of Culture: A Common Origin? ; The Functionalist Concept of Culture: Similar Structures? ; The Evolutionary Concept of Culture: A Universal Process? ; The Relativistic Concept of Culture: Separate Entities?
일련 제목: Missiological engagements.
다른 제목 Interkulturelle Theologie und Hermeneutik.
책임: Henning Wrogemann ; translated by Karl E. Böhmer.
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"Wrogemann has presented a rich work to the church and the academy on intercultural theology. Professors and graduate students (both German- and English-speakers) in missiology, biblical studies, and 더 읽기…

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