The origins of the English novel, 1600-1740 (圖書, 1987) [Fuller Libraries]
The origins of the English novel, 1600-1740

The origins of the English novel, 1600-1740

作者: Michael McKeon
出版商: Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, ©1987.
版本/格式:   打印圖書 : 英語所有版本和格式的總覽

The novel emerged, McKeon contends, as a cultural instrument designed to engage the epistemological and social crises of the age.

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類型/形式: Criticism, interpretation, etc
其他的實體格式: Online version:
McKeon, Michael, 1943-
Origins of the English novel, 1600-1740.
Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, ©1987
資料類型: 網際網路資源
文件類型 圖書, 網際網路資源
所有的作者/貢獻者: Michael McKeon
ISBN: 0801832918 9780801832918 0801837464 9780801837463 0801869595 9780801869594
OCLC系統控制編碼: 13904549
獎賞: Winner of Modern Language Association James Russell Lowell Prize 1988 (United States)
描述: xi, 529 pages ; 25 cm
内容: Introduction: dialectical method in literary history --
Questions of Truth --
The destabilization of generic categories --
"Romance" as a simple abstraction --
Precursor revolutions: the Greek Enlightenment --
Precursor revolutions: the twelfth-century renaissance --
Historicism and the historical revolution --
The claim to historicity --
Naive Empiricism and extreme skepticism --
Romance, antiromance, true history --
The evidence of the senses: secularization and epistemological crisis --
The contradictory unity of the new philosophy --
"Natural history" as a narrative model --
"Religion versus science" and the problem of mediation --
The literalizing of revelation --
Apparition narratives --
Histories of the individual --
From saint's life to spiritual biography --
From picaresque to criminal biography --
From Christian pilgrimmage to scientific travel --
The empirical style becomes problematic --
The emergence of extreme skepticism --
Toward realism, the aesthetic, and human creativity --
Questions of virtue --
The destabilization of social categories --
Aristocratic ideology --
Precursor revolutions: the Greek Enlightenment --
Precursor revolutions: the twelfth-century renaissance --
Progressive ideology and the transvaluation of honor --
The rise of the gentry --
From status to class --
The persistence of the aristocracy --
The formation of conservative ideology --
Understanding status inconsistency --
Absolutism and capitalist ideology: the volatility of reform --
The absolute prince absolutized --
Sword and robe --
Protestants and capitalists --
Evaluating human appetites --
Progressive ideology and conservative ideology --
Stories of virtue --
Novelistic narrative as historical explanation --
Historical models for progressive narratives --
Historical models for conservative narratives --
Ideological implications of generic models --
The gendering of ideology --
The conflation of truth and virtue --
The dialectical constitution of the novel --
Romance transformations (I): Cervantes and the disenchantment of the world --
Romance transformations (II): Bunyan and the literalization of allegory --
Parables of the younger son (I): Defoe and the naturalization of desire --
The institutionalization of conflict (I): Richardson and the domestication of service --
The institutionalization of conflict (II): fielding and the instrumentality of belief.
責任: Michael McKeon.
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One of the most rigorous and penetrating . . . and one of the most widely researched, in its coverage of texts, theory, and historical developments. * London Review of Books *



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