Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers (电子图书, 2017) [Fuller Libraries]
Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers

Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers

著者: Daniel L Dreisbach
出版商: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017.
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The Bible was featured prominently in the political discourse of the American founding era (approximately the last third of the eighteenth century). It was a widely respected and referenced text, although some well-known skeptical founders questioned its divine origins or the authenticity of the text transmitted through the centuries. The Bible influenced aspects of public culture, including language, letters, arts,  再读一些...
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Dreisbach, Daniel L.
Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, ©2016
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所有的著者/提供者: Daniel L Dreisbach
ISBN: 9780199987948 0199987947 9780190624286 0190624280
OCLC号码: 961444191
描述: 1 online resource (345 pages)
内容: Cover; Title Page; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; 1. Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers: An Introduction; PART I: The Bible and Culture; 2. The English Bible and American Public Culture; 3. The Bible in the Lives of the Founding Fathers; 4. The Bible in the Political Discourse of the American Founding; PART II: The Bible and Discourse; 5. What Does God Require of Us? Micah 6:8 in the Literature of the American Founding; The Bible in American History:Creating a Great Seal for the New Nation. 6. A Defense of Liberty against Tyrants:The Bible, the Right of Resistance, and the American Revolution The Bible in American History: Benjamin Franklin's Call for Prayer in the Constitutional Convention; 7. The Exalted Nation: Proverbs 14:34 and the Characteristics of a Righteous People; The Bible in American History: The First Prayer in Congress; 8. When the Righteous Rule:Proverbs 29:2 and the Character of a Godly Magistrate; The Bible in American History:Proclaim Liberty throughout All the Land. 9. Stand Fast in Liberty:The Use (and Misuse) of Biblical Symbols and Rhetoric of "Liberty" in the American Founding The Bible in American History:George Washington Takes the Presidential Oath of Office; 10. Under Our Own Vine and Fig Tree:Creating an American Metaphor for Liberty in the New Nation; Afterword; Acknowledgments; Notes; Index.
责任: Daniel L. Dreisbach.


Dreisbach shows that the Bible was the most frequently referenced book in the political discourse of the American founders. Drawing on some of the most familiar rhetoric of the founding era, Reading  再读一些...
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Dreisbach easily accomplishes the stated goal of his book, which is to illustrate that "the Bible was featured prominently in the political discourse of the American founding." No one could read it 再读一些...







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