Redesigning liberal education : innovative design for a twenty-first-century undergraduate education (電子書, 2020) [Fuller Libraries]
Redesigning liberal education : innovative design for a twenty-first-century undergraduate education

Redesigning liberal education : innovative design for a twenty-first-century undergraduate education

作者: William Moner; Phillip Motley; Rebecca Pope-Ruark
出版商: Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020.
版本/格式:   電子書 : 文獻 : 英語所有版本和格式的總覽
"This edited collection presents best practices for redesigning liberal arts curricula in higher education for students in today's world. The collection is organized into three parts: theoretical foundations, case studies of successful implementations, and visions for the future"--
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類型/形式: Electronic books
Case studies
其他的實體格式: Print version:
Redesigning liberal education.
Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020
(DLC) 2019040506
資料類型: 文獻, 網際網路資源
文件類型 網際網路資源, 電腦檔案
所有的作者/貢獻者: William Moner; Phillip Motley; Rebecca Pope-Ruark
ISBN: 9781421438221 1421438224
OCLC系統控制編碼: 1164184762
描述: 1 online resource
内容: Introduction : a radical vision for redesigning liberal education / William J. Moner, Phillip Motley, and Rebecca Pope-Ruark --
Problem-focused liberal education in a first-year learning community at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay / Denise S. Bartell, Alison K. Staudinger, and David J. Voelker --
Attending to local context, culture, and language at Florida International University / Isis Artze-Vega, Phillip M. Carter, and Heather Russell --
The experiential liberal arts : an integrative model for twenty-first-century education at Northeastern University / Chris W. Gallagher and Uta G. Poiger --
Creating connections : an intentional, integrated liberal education at Connecticut College / Michael Reder and Ann Schenk --
Building a developmental, interdisciplinary general education curriculum for the future : Rollins foundations in the liberal arts / Emily Russell, Susan Singer, and Toni Holbrook --
Exploring the borderlands : using interdisciplinarity to build civic literacy at the College of the Holy Cross / Laurie Ann Britt-Smith --
Redesigning learning through multidisciplinary teaching : voices from a sophomore core experience at Lasell College / Michael J. Daley, Dennis A. Frey Jr., and Catherine Zeek --
Intergenerational partnerships to support liberal learning goals at Brown University / Mary C. Wright, Maud S. Mandel, Jessica Metzler, and Christina Smith --
The design thinking initiative at Smith College / Borjana Mikic --
Immersive learning in the studio for social innovation at Elon University / Rebecca Pope-Ruark, William Moner, and Phillip Motley --
Failing forward : writing, design, and organic curricular change at Georgetown University / Maggie Debelius, Sherry Linkon, and Matthew Pavesich --
Educating business leaders for a better world at George Mason University / Lisa Gring-Pemble, Anne M. Magro, and Jacquelyn Dively Brown --
Educating for global civic participation and a career : German studies in the twenty-first century at Elon University / Scott Windham, Andrea A. Sinn, Kristin Lange, Derek Lackaff, Anthony Hatcher, Evan A. Gatti, and Janelle Papay Decato --
Pursuing major passions : innovative minors that blend professional skills and liberal education values for civic pursuits at Susquehanna University / John Bodinger de Uriarte and Betsy Verhoeven --
The future has gone soft on skills : why campuses should be working harder to cement personal and social development with learning / Ashley Finley --
Can we liberate liberal education? / Randy Bass --
Aligning liberal education for an age of inequality / William M. Sullivan --
Slow : liberal learning for and in a fast-paced world / Nancy L. Chick and Peter Felten --
Shifting paradigms : college admissions as a lever for systemic change in liberal education / Kristína Moss Gudrún Gunnarsdóttir and Meredith Twombly --
Scholartistry : creativity and the future of the liberal arts / Michael Shanks and Connie Svabo --
Afterword : the age of connectedness / Leo Lambert.
責任: edited by William Moner, Phillip Motley, and Rebecca Pope-Ruark.


Voelker, Scott Windham, Mary C. Wright, Catherine Zeek  再讀一些...
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